All About Visitech Magnifiers

Where We Began

low vision

photo provided by John

I have worked with the visually impaired for a long time, with an extensive background in low vision assistive technology. Always interested in the latest camera-based magnification, I’ve made a career out of staying informed on what works best for visually impaired consumers who rely on magnification to compensate for low vision. Working for several years with Quantum Technology in Australia, I recognized a huge need for low vision assistive technology here.

Our Team

In Australia, macular degeneration is a problem that affects a large portion of the country, yet there are very few professionals here that are dedicated to matching the right magnifier for an individual’s unique situation. Networking with various companies and technologies, I knew I found something special when I discovered Enhanced Vision, a company that designs a wide variety of products that are affordable and effective for nearly all low vision conditions, including macular degeneration. Effectiveness and affordability are key when it comes to low vision magnification, and that’s why in 2002, I decided to work exclusively with Enhanced Vision, proudly introducing there remarkably effective technology to the land down under. Ever since, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift with my customers: I had more people satisfied, happy, and reading and writing again than ever before. Now, I had options for customers, able to fulfill their needs simply by demonstrating different options, and almost instantly discovering a great low vision solution that works.

Community Participation

Since 2002, I’ve established an extensive network of agencies all over Australia, able to provide free, no obligation demonstrations for visually impaired Aussies who want to read and write again, despite having low vision. When I noticed that Enhanced Vision products were providing instant relief for a huge group of low vision consumers that continues to grow exponentially, I knew I had to establish a way for consumers to be able to connect with these products, regardless of their financial situations. I’m thrilled to provide Australia with the finest affordable electronic magnifiers available..